Intumescent Coatings


Intumescent coatings are products that support fire proofing within a building. Intumescent coatings can be used to achieve fire ratings on flammable surfaces or to reduce over heating of structural steel surfaces in order to maintain structural integrity.

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In New Zealand, Zone are our major supplier of intumescent coatings. We are an approved Zone applicator, with the ability to apply both Firezone and Phoenix products, a new generation range of intumescent coatings compliant with the NZBC.

FireZone 92

FireZone 92 is a CLEAR fire resistant water based varnish with a matt finish which achieves a GROUP 1S on most timber substrates. It is a revolutionary coating, which applies easily at low cost to achieve great aesthetics and performance. 

FireZone 52

FireZone 52 is a WHITE fire resistant coating which has testing on many substrates including timber, plasterboard, fibrous plaster and fibre cement board. The product develops a thick char when exposed to fire, which effectively insulates the substrate from the fire.


Phoenix works as insulation for structural steel, to keep it below the critical steel temperature during a fire. A steel section that reaches its critical steel temperature will begin to deform and affect the structural integrity of a building.
Phoenix essentially keeps the structural steel in a building sound, for a period of time, to ensure that inhabitants can exit the building in the event of a fire. When exposed to extreme heat, the intumescent will foam and char up to 50 times its thickness, to protect the steel. The applied thickness varies depending on the shape, dimension and critical steel temperature of the structural member.