Proud to be Master Painters

We’re naturally members of the Master Painters Association of New Zealand.


Quality work delivered to Master Painter standards


It’s important to us that we’re a member of the Master Painters Association of New Zealand. Not simply because this is our industry body, but primarily because of what this represents for our customers. As members, we’re bound by the Master Painters Code of Practice - a 20 point doctrine that outlines how we’re expected to deliver our services.

As a business focused on delivering a quality service and operating with integrity at all times, complying with the Master Painters standards was never in question. We’re proud to offer the following assurances to our customers:

  • A high standard of commercial honesty and transparency in dealing with clients.

  • We have a fully functioning Health and Safety Policy and systems that align with this. As we employ all our staff, they’re all naturally covered by and familiar with our Health and Safety Policy and Systems. For more on this see our Site Safe page.

  • We provide, clear, detailed quotes up front for the work we do.

  • Our staff are well trained and very experienced.

  • We maintain adequate insurance cover in respect of public liability risks i.e. enough to cover the size of any contracts we undertake.

  • We use only quality, proven products - applied to the manufacturers standards and warranty expectations.

  • We always recommend to our customers a method of treatment which will give a good and lasting job. When asked to recommend a specification, we will recommend one adequate for its purpose. The AUS/NZ Standard 2311:2017 is used as the basis of any specification.